My Staff

Jaime Dobson, PA-C  (Physician Assistant, Board-Certified)

Jaime is Dr Crichlow’s Physician Assistant (PA).  She assists Dr Crichlow with patient’s care while they are in the hospital and afterward as they return to our office for follow-up care. Jaime will see all the patients in the hospital. She will communicate and coordinate patient's care with other specialists throughout their hospital stay and after they are discharged from the hospital.  Jaime will handle the majority of patients phone calls and questions after a patient has been discharged from the hospital.  She has worked with Dr Crichlow for over four years and takes a great deal of pride in helping patients return to their activities of daily life after their injury.  Jaime is married and a proud mother to two little girls as well.  



Amanda Schmitz, PSC (Patient Service Coordinator)

Amanda is the point of contact for Dr. Crichlow’s practice and the “voice” on the other end of the phone when you call our office.  She will facilitate scheduling of all appointments, specific patient requests (paperwork etc) and will coordinate all communication between Dr. Crichlow, Jaime and the patient. Amanda has been with OrthoIndy for a little over three years.  

                       Dr Crichlow’s office 




Shelley Conyers (Surgery scheduler)

Shelley will contact patients once Dr. Crichlow has determined your need for surgery. She is responsible for scheduling your surgery, coordinating pre-authorization with the patient’s insurance company and communicating the specifics about the day of surgery (where and when to arrive, pre-operative medical evaluations, etc). 


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