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Dr Renn Crichlow is an orthopaedic trauma surgeon with OrthoIndy.  He specializes in taking care of complex orthopaedic fractures and management of soft tissue injuries.    

Renn was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. At a young age he began to develop a love of sports and at 12 years old finally joined the Rideau Canoe Club that he and his mother had driven past for years.  Renn was able to overcome severe asthma and went on to win his first Canadian Canoe Association National Championship at the age of 16. By 19 years old he qualified for the first of three Olympic Teams.  

Renn was able to compete at the highest levels from late 1980's to the late 1990's.  He even went on to win gold (K-1 500m: 1991), silver (K-1 500m: 1993) and bronze (K-1 200m: 1995) at the IFC Canoe Sprint World Championships.  During this time he completed his undergraduate training in Kinesiology (the scientific study of human movement) at Simon Frasier University in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia.  


Renn was a proud member of the Canadian National Canoe Team from 1985 until 1996. He earned the honor of representing Canada in the Olympic Games in 1988 in Seoul, 1992 in Barccelona and 1996 in Atlanta.  Meanwhile, he started medical school at Harvard in the summer of 1994. He was recognized for all his accomplishments in 2001 when he was inducted into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame

In 1999, Renn continued his training in Boston as an Intern in general surgery at Beth-Isreal Deaconess Medical Center and completed my training at Harvard Combined Orthopaedic residency in 2004. Over his ten years of medical education he came to realize his passion for orthopaedic trauma and elected to study fracture care at the highest level. He moved to Baltimore where he completed a fellowship (an additional year of training post-residency) in Orthopaedic Trauma at R Adams Crowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, Maryland.   

Since starting at OrthoIndy nine years ago he has married, started a family and retired the canoe paddle in exchange for new loves. He avidly enjoys wake boarding, paddle boarding, traveling and spending time with his wife and children.  Dr Crichlow is also an AO Trauma instructor and enjoys the opportunity to teach residents and fellows across the country.  Additional, he travels with the IndyCar series to provide orthopaedic trauma care to drivers and their teams. 


Dr Renn Crichlow with Dr Tim Weber 

at the AO Trauma Fellows Cadaver Course in Las Vegas. 


Dr Crichlow teaching alongside renowned pelvic surgeon Dr Chip Routt. 


AO Trauma Fellows Cadaver Course


IndyCar race series Safety Vehicle


                                              Helmets…for safety!!! 

                Cadaver instruction course for St Vincent Sports Performance    

                  Cadaver instruction with assitance from Michael Harvey 

                                            (Trauma PA with OrthoIndy)

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